Obama Shuts Down House Boat Docks, Throws People Out of Their Homes

President Obama is attempting to make this partial shut down as painful for the American people as he possibly can by shutting down sites that he either doesn’t need to shut down, or shouldn’t be shutting down. In this case he is shutting down the docks on Lake Mead, Nevada, throwing many people–some of whom are senior citizens–out of the house boats upon which they live.

Obama has sent his jackbooted thugs in the National Park Service (NPS) to force people to leave their privately owned boats on Lake Mead because the docks they are moored to (usually permanently) are federally owned facilities.

The NPS jackboots came through and told everyone they had one day to get out. And, just to make sure no one would stay in their own homes and property, the park rangers stood by with armed guards as the docks were yanked out of the water and beached.

This left many boat owners with no way to even get out to their boats that were left anchored to the lake bed and now out in the middle of the water yards from land.

This, of course, is unnecessary. These people pay expensive docking fees monthly (or yearly) and their fees pay for the whole thing.

Obama has done this all across the country. He has shut down parks that take no federal money, closed theaters that are self-sufficient, and closed historic sites that are run by private non-profit groups. He has done this for one reason: vindictiveness.

His goal is to hurt the American people as badly as he can in order to push his political point.

The bloggers at Offgrind Survival went out to take a look at the docks that were pulled up onto dry ground, including one boat that was still moored to a dock. The boat is now stranded where it’s at and may even have been damaged when the NPS thugs dragged it in toward land.

It is sickening, isn’t it? One has to wonder how long it will be before some outraged American will observe his Second Amendment rights with these out of control NPS thugs, doesn’t it? I hope it doesn’t happen, but Obama sure is pushing it, isn’t he? In fact, he’d probably relish the opportunity to declare martial law.

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