MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Hopes for ‘Killing’ Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly

And now for another episode of the more caring, more grownup, more tolerant left who… hopes to kill their political enemies. This episode stars MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who hopes that soon we’ll see “killing O’Reilly.”

Matthews appeared on a recent broadcast of the satirical political interview show, The Colbert Report, where the pseudo host Colbert was discussing Bill O’Reilly’s books with MSNBC’s extremist, ranter Chris Matthews.

O’Reilly has penned two books about assassinated historical figures, one titled Killing Lincoln and another titled Killing Kennedy. So, naturally, Matthews hoped that we’d soon be seeing a book about killing Bill O’Reilly!

Now, there is the more caring, more adult, more tolerant left we’re used to, eh?

You know what is really sad, though? Believe it or not, Chris Matthews was once a respected author and journalist. Seriously. He was. Now he’s just a clown that no one can take seriously.

Now, imagine how the left-media would have lost its tiny collective mid if a conservative or Republican had gone on the air and hoped to see some lefty killed?

The story would have crowded out tales of the shutdown in minutes.

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