Obama Reviving The ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Lie

President Obama is again saying “you didn’t build that,” America.

You’ll recall just before last year’s election when President Obama got in hot water for telling America that we hadn’t built anything, but that everything we have was essentially a gift from him and his government. It is they who are really responsible for everything. “You didn’t build that,” America.

Well now that he’s safely elected he fell back into his actual, big government, nanny state thinking by telling folks at the Ford factory that “you didn’t build that.”

Charlie Spiering caught Obama back at his old game on Sept. 23.

Obama visited the Ford factory in Liberty, Mo., on Sept. 20 to push his failed economic policies, the message was that only Big Government is the answer.

“[I]t’s important that we get it right in Washington because even though our success as a country is ultimately going to depend on great businesses like Ford, hard workers like you, government has to do some things,” Obama said during his address.

So, what are those “things” that government does?

Why nothing less than “building” everything so that “great businesses” can then go forward and make money.

“If we’re going to have scientific research and development–I was looking at all these newfangled pieces of equipment here–some of the things that allowed the efficiencies of this plant originated in laboratories and scientists doing work on the government’s dime,” he said. “That’s how we always maintain our cutting edge. These are things that help us grow. These are things that help the private sector succeed.”

So, without him, without his government crony capitalism, without his big government nanny state central planning, why Ford couldn’t have done anything.

Because, “we didn’t build that,” government did.

Spiering has it exactly right…

“Obama has spent his entire presidency trying to refute President Reagan’s memorable 1981 inaugural address declaration that ‘government is not the solution, government is the problem.'”

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