Extremist, Liberal Radio Host Says Republicans are ‘Suicide Bombers Trying to Blow Your Children Up’

Extremist, left-wing radio talk show host Stephanie Miller is all about trying to find a way forward in this government shutdown crisis. She has a wonderful idea on how to reach across the aisle… by calling Republicans “suicide bombers” that want to “blow your children up.”

Yep, that’s the kind of new tone, caring, loving left we are used to, eh?

Miller, whose little heard radio show appears on… well, where ever it is… was talking to a caller who thought that the GOP was holding his kids “hostage” when she made the obscene comments.

“May I correct you?” Miller interrupted after the caller said that Republicans were hostage takers. “They are not holding your children hostage; they are trying to blow your children up. There is a difference.”

“They are suicide bombers they are no longer hostage takers,” the radio ignoramus belched out. “They are no longer just regular terrorists they are suicide bombers.”

Though I am sure more people will see this post than listen to her show, so we have that going for us, which is nice.

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