End Of a Fairey Tale: Poster Artist Says Obama’s Drones Killed ‘Hope’

Shepard Fairey is famous for having created one of Obama’s most iconic propaganda campaigns–the Obama “Hope” poster–and for being one of the President’s biggest early fans. But the end of this Fairey tale is at hand as the artist is now saying that Obama’s use of death from the skies turned him against the President.

When asked by TMZ’s paparazzi stringers if after Obama’s first five years in office he’d put a “different word” at the bottom of a re-imagined Obama poster, Fairey ruefully said, “yeah, I’d put a few different ones.”

When pressed on what one might be, Fairey said, “Yeah, how about drones!”

One small area of disagreement between President Obama and the extreme left has been Obama’s use of drone strikes to take out terrorists. The left criticized George W. Bush as a “war criminal” for his use of drones and while the left has not often applied that extreme rhetoric to Obama, they are still quite disappointed that the President has not only continued Bush’s use of drones but ramped that up to new heights.

Now it looks like we can count “Hope” poster artist Shepard Fairey as one of Obama’s newest, on-the-record detractors.

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