VIDEO Religion of Peace: Syrian Kids Play ‘Behead the Enemy’ Game

Shocking new video out of Syria shows little kids pretending to behead people. Yes, the religion of peace strikes again. Instead of playing cops and robbers, Syrian kids play “behead the enemy.”

As kids throughout Syria are living daily with countless atrocities from both the rebels and their al Qaeda buddies as well as troops from Syrian strongman Bashar al Assad, they are learning some macabre games from it all.

In the disgusting video we see kids yelling Allahu Akbar (Allah is greater) and pretending to cut off a kid’s head with sticks.

This footage was taken recently in the town of Ras al-Ayn in Syria’s northeastern al-Hasakeh province.

Syrian boys play “behead the enemy” game

As Bizpac Review says, “Although it is unknown who shot the video, “Eretz Zen–A secular Syrian opposed to having my country turned into a Taliban-like state”–published the video on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.”

What do you think of this example of the “religion of peace”?

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