New Head of HLN Cable Network a Huge Democrat Donor

CNN has announced that its HLN network will be helmed by television executive Albie Hecht starting September 30. Hecht is a long-time TV executive that has headed up several other channels, but he is also a big donor to the Democrat Party.

On September 18 CNN announced that the former president of Nickelodeon Entertainment and the man who founded Spike TV will take over as the Executive Vice President and GM of HLN.

In the statement, CNN chief Jeff Zucker said, “Albie is one of the most creative executives in our industry.”

“I wanted someone who could build off the strength that currently exists at HLN, which is enjoying one of its highest rated years ever, and evolve the network and its fast-growing digital properties even more,” Zucker said.

But for all his TV experience, Hecht is experienced in another area; donating to Democrats.

No less than Politico is reporting that Hecht has given a boatload to Democrats.

Politico’s Dylan Byers reports that Hecht has “given $35,550 in personal contributions over the past 15 years and an additional $11,000 in joint fundraising.”

Those who have benefitted from Hecht’s donations include: The Democratic National Committee ($14,200); the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ($10,000); PAC ($5,000); Barack Obama ($4,550); New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand ($3,500); and–in March of this year–Newark, N.J., Mayor and Senate hopeful Cory Booker ($1,000).

So, now the network formerly known as Headline News Network is to be headed by a man completely loyal to the Democrat Party.

As to future donations, CNN did tell Byers that as the new head of HLN, Hecht is required to stop donating money to political candidates and causes.

But, what difference does that make when we know he’s already sold out to the far left? Every news decision he makes will be tainted by his left-wing ideology, from what to cover to how to cover it, all decisions will be made to benefit the people he’s given hundreds of thousands of dollars to support.

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