BOYCOTT: Starbucks CEO Lies About Not Being Anti-Gun

The CEO of Starbucks Coffee shops has made a decision. He wants customers with the legal right to carry a gun to stay out of his coffee shops. But he lies when he says he is not anti-gun.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has made a policy decision saying that his company is “not a policy maker” and should not have to take any stance in the gun issue, whether pro or anti-gun. I agree with that, as it happens.

For the last few years Starbucks had become the locus of a tug of war between legal concealed carry permit holders and liberals. Both factions had held their “appreciation” days by showing up to tout their issues.

But Schultz is tired of his coffee shops being in the center of the storm. So, Schultz says that from now on he wants gun owners not to carry their guns in his stores.

But then he lies to your face, gun owners.

“We are not pro-gun or anti-gun,” Mr. Schultz told The Associated Press, noting that customers will still be served if they choose to a carry gun.

This is clearly a lie! If he’s saying he wants gun owners not to carry their guns anymore, then his desired ban of guns cannot be construed as anything but anti-gun.

Henceforth, all true Americans that support the U.S. Constitution should refuse to patronize Starbucks coffee shops.

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