Typical: Democrats Trying to Steal the Recall Election in Colorado

Currently in Colorado there is a recall election being staged for two Democrat State Senators. Naturally, Democrats have already been caught trying to steal this election with rampant voter fraud.

Senate President John Morse and Pueblo Senator Angela Giron, both Democrats, are being recalled because of their anti-Second Amendment votes and because they have systematically ignored the will of their constituents by voting along with the desires of the national Democrat Party instead of on local issues.

These two elections are fraught with national significance and a ton of outside money from the left, and some but not nearly as much from the right, have flooded these two districts.

Because of the national profile of these elections as a fight over the Second Amendment, Democrats are desperate to win and–as usual–will break any law to force that win.

In the video you see Democrats being accused of stuffing the ballot boxes with perhaps hundreds of illicit ballots dropped off when the election itself is supposed to be a walk-in vote only with only “hardship” ballots mailed in or dropped off early.

Figures, doesn’t it? Thieves and crooks will never change their spots and you can’t be a Democrat without those indelible spots in full bloom.

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