Media Failure: All Know Trayvon Martin, But College Students Never Heard of the Christopher Lane Murder

This video is very, very telling. Campus Reform went to a college campus and asked if students felt that the shooting of Trayvon Martin got all the media attention it deserved. But when Campus Reform asked the same kids about the race-driven murder of Christopher Lane, the white Australian baseball player, not a one of them had ever heard of the case.

Very telling, indeed.

One student even claimed that “anytime a 17-year-old gets killed” it should get national attention. And yet, this kid felt he knew all about the Trayvon Martin story but didn’t know a thing about teenager Christopher Lane being murdered by two black kids.

But some of these kids had the right idea about why they hadn’t heard of the Lane case. The media failed them. Some also scolded President Obama for having jumped in with his thoughts on the Martin case in the first place. Obama should have stayed out of it, they felt.

So, not all is lost with these somewhat clueless kids.

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