Obama Missing Half of Obamacare’s Legal Implementation Deadlines

If Obamacare is such a great and important law, why is Obama missing up to half of the legally imposed deadlines for its various parts by waiving or just ignoring them? That is the news this month as Obamacare seems to be proving the “train wreck” that it is.

Many of the features (or do you call them “bugs”) of Obama’s take over of our health care system are supposed to be going into effect this year. But deadlines for important features such as the employer mandate, taxpayer protection features that are supposed to stop fraud and identify theft and other aspects of the so-called “Affordable” Care Act have been passed by without implementation despite that they are absolutely mandated by the law.

All this was released in a new report by the Congressional Research Service, a non-partisan office of Congress. The report found that of the 82 deadlines, about half have already been missed.

As Forbes notes, “If you exclude the 9 deadlines that became moot because Congress never appropriated the funds to meet them, the Obama administration missed 41 out of 73 deadlines, or 56 percent.”

Forbes also says, “The administration has tried, almost comically, to make the case that the faulty implementation of Obamacare is Republicans’ fault. But blue states that have embraced the law are the ones having the most problems.”

It’s one big, massive failure and we haven’t even gotten the thing implemented yet!

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