Estados Unidos – El Colegio comunitario de América Latina

Time flies when you’re having fun, huh?  It was scarcely six years ago when we had our last great amnesty putsch and here we are again at the crossroads.  I remember those halcyon days of 4.6% unemployment and measurable economic growth.  Hell, that makes today seem like a much better time to flood the market with low-skilled labor if you think about it.

So the obvious choice is to become El Colegio comunitario de América Latina.  What’s important is that people in Latin America want to be here.  Whether or not they meet any sort of arbitrary standards shouldn’t matter when people want to better themselves.  Who are we to evaluate and judge which people are granted US residency and citizenship?

Community college systems are a great thing.  They give people who don’t have the qualifications or financial resources to be admitted to an elite institution a chance to go to college.  What they make of it from there is up to them.

Of course what the people admitted to elite institutions make of it is up to them as well.  By being selective there’s a much greater probability of a student being successful in their chosen academic and professional fields.  Which is the sort of model you might expect the so called greatest nation in the world to emulate when crafting an immigration policy.  You would expect wrong, but you wouldn’t be crazy for expecting it.

Actually, you must be crazy if you expected the people leading the amnesty charge to treat living in the US as a privilege versus a right.  Why that right should, for the most part, only be extended to people who hail from the adjoining land mass to our south is something no one wants to explain.

I have no particular animosity towards Spanish speaking folks.  At least no more than any other racial/ethnic group being admitted to the US in such great numbers they are predicted to be a plurality of the population in a couple of decades.  Frankly I’m pretty happy with how American culture has worked out for the US and the rest of the world.  A demographic shift of the magnitude being forecast will significantly alter our cultural landscape.

You know the old joke about politicians on the stump, “The United States of America is the greatest country in the world!  And with your support I’ll go to Washington and fight to change it!”  Paraphrasing, context and all.  “I can’t wait to make it more like the country I fled to come here.”

Latin Americanizing our culture may just turn out swell.  Then again maybe it won’t.  I don’t want to find out.  I believe we need a more diverse immigration policy.  One that doesn’t just reward the people whose only qualifications consist of an  ability to physically enter the country and willingness to thumb their noses at our sovereignty.  We can do better.

Why not agree upon a number of people to whom we wish to grant the privilege of residency/citizenship upon each year then expand our college visa program to meet that number?

Now I know it’s too simple and practical to be given serious consideration but hear me out.  By offering an opportunity for foreigners from each and every country around the world – except, of course, Iran, North Korea, and France – to pursue Masters degrees we can find the world’s best and brightest.  They pay their own way, no publicly-funded educational assistance.  The student and their spouse get working papers right away.

They make of the opportunity what they make of it.  Just like the folks entering the US now under out current “Who left the barn door open?” policy.  I’ll take the potential upside a diverse pool of the best students from around the globe over the upside presented by mass immigration of Latino-centric people to “do the jobs American’s won’t do.”

There’s a phrase that gets kicked around, “brain-drain”, referring to situations when the smartest people in a given country (or state, or company…) leave for greener pastures.  Now being an American and a Texan to boot I feel like the United States is the greatest place on Earth to live.  Earth and beyond.  Given the opportunity I’d wager about 3 billion people across the world would trade places with the poorest American in a heartbeat.  We should be even more of a brain magnet than we are now.

Or just throw open the doors for 30 million new low-skilled workers.  Whatever.

The flip side of jobs Americans won’t do is trying to convince Americans there are some jobs that are beneath them.  We’re going to end up raising another generation of children who don’t appreciate the value of hard work.  I see it in recruiting-related articles discussing hiring and retaining “Millennials” already.  They grew up multi-tasking and don’t like repetitive work, they expect to advance quickly, they demand flexibility, the workplace has to change to accommodate them.

It’s got to be a conspiracy.  The open borders folks are abetting the public education cabal and grievance industry in conjunction with the nanny-staters to turn America into some kind of hare-brained liberal fantasy summer camp.  They flood the country with cheap manual labor and install an education system design to proselytize affirmative action – which rewards feelings and intentions over quantifiable results – to produce citizens with short attention spans and conditioned for instant gratification.

If you’re going to kick around crazy ideas like treating US citizenship the same way M.I.T. treats freshman admissions you might as well go full crazy.  At least in twenty years we’ll get to see black politicians attempt to explain how now that there’s a plurality of Latin American citizens affirmative action should only be reserved for blacks.  So we’ve got that going for us.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget the black youth unemployment is almost forty percent.  Interesting factoid that really gives you an appreciation of black politicians’ commitment to “The Cause”.  The overall youth unemployment rate is over sixteen percent.  What those workers at the bottom of the skills ladder need is tens of millions of new low-skilled workers with whom they can compete for work.  Mustn’t have our most precious resource getting its collective hands dirty in pursuit of filthy lucre.

A great man once said, “Well, the world needs ditch diggers too.”

Dammit, I tried six ways from Sunday to get that clip to embed.  Screw you, WordPress!

It’s funny to think that just 33 short years ago a person would look at a white teen male and plausibly suggest ditch digging as a career.  Now-a-days he might come back with…wait, thirty-three years?  Has it really been that long?  Christ, I saw that movie at the theater.  Man, I’m getting old…he might come back with, “the world needs baristas too” or “the world needs call center reps too.”

Nothing wrong with either of those gigs but there are a whole lot of 16, 17, 18, 19 year old citizens in the US today who will never get a crack at trade jobs thanks to the influx of low-skilled foreign labor.  The Senate just voted to make even fewer trade jobs available to native born teens.

Does it really make any sense to shut even more young Americans out of entry level jobs?  Wouldn’t we be better off allowing 100,00 or 250,000 or 1,000,000 college-educated people to immigrate and assimilate each year by expanding the college visa program?

The 12,000,000 pound gorilla living in the shadows is whether we actually need to discuss reforming our so-called broken immigration before our so-called broken immigration policy is enforced.  Washington and, yes, border states like Texas aren’t aggressively enforcing the law as it exists now.  They’ve manufactured a crisis through willful neglect.

How about our elected representatives and their bureaucratic overlords enforce immigration policy with the same enthusiasm they enforce tax policy for a decade?  Then we can talk reform.  Sometimes the best way to get people out of the shadows is to go around with a light looking for them.

On the plus side, once comprehensive immigration reform passes we can rest assured President Barack Obama will follow the enforcement provisions to the letter of the law.

Bienvenidos a todos de América Latina.

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