Your Taxes Going to Pay for Hotel Rooms for Illegal Aliens

Fox News just found out that the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is spending thousands of your tax dollars a day on hotel rooms for illegal aliens. One official said this “shouldn’t be happening,” but it is.

Fox found that millions of illegals a year are given temporary status for asylum in the USA and are often given free hotel stays while they wait for a hearing before an immigration judge. Worse, some 600,000 to 800,000 a year don’t bother to show up for their hearings. That means they are wandering about the USA with no accounting for their whereabouts or their legal status.

There are so many, sometimes hundreds per day, that ICE hasn’t anywhere to keep them so they just foot the bill for hotel rooms while they wait. This wait can be weeks and months away from being given their cozy, free hotel rooms paid for by you and me.

Fox found that the numbers of asylum seekers has grown exponentially of late and that these illegals are using “special key words” when they apply for asylum, words the Obama administration has set up as safe words used to give these illegals immediate protected status.

All these illegals, mostly Mexicans, have to say is that they have a “credible fear” that their lives are in danger by the out-of-control Mexican drug cartels.

Of course, one would think that every Mexican citizen has such a credible fear, so that isn’t much of a bar to entry for the US, is it?

There is also suspicion that this is an organized campaign.

“This clearly has to have been orchestrated by somebody,” said former U.S. Attorney for Southern California Peter Nunez. “It’s beyond belief that dozens or hundreds or thousands of people would simultaneously decide that they should go to the U.S. and make this claim.”

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It could easily be the cartels themselves setting this up. After all, they can get their operatives easily placed inside the USA if this ease of entry is any indication.

“Most of the immigrants came from Mexico,” Fox reported “but others listed their native country as Haiti, Romania, Guatemala and Iraq. Some were over age 50, others were under a year old. Thirty were transported to a hotel. Seventy were released around the country.”

Iraq!? And the left says that no terrorists are sneaking across our entirely unguarded southern border?

Fox also discovered that Obama has cleared this practice from the top.

“The orders from Washington are to simply turn these people loose,” said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “All you have to say is you qualify for the Dream Act and/or you intend to apply, and they’re instructed by their higher-ups to simply turn these people loose, to set them free and let them pursue any path they want.”

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