Obama: Country Would Be ‘Better Off’ If More Worked for Government

President Obama loves him some big government policies, we all know, but now he’s saying that just about everyone should work for the government and if they did the economy would be “better off.” So, who would pay all the taxes if everyone made a living FROM those taxes? He doesn’t seem to have an answer to that one.

In a July 29 speech on the economy, President Obama claimed that the country would be better off if the federal government and local city, county and state governments would hire more people.

Obama made these absurd comments at the Amazon.com Shipping Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a speech that is part of his re-re-re-pivot to the economy and jobs. You know, because he’s been soooo successful with those efforts in the past.

Obama carped that cities like Chicago laid off “700,000 workers at the federal, state and local levels of government lost their jobs.” But this is no less because those cities and governments face a budget doomsday over all the undeserved union demands in pay, pensions and benefits they were doused with in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Now that those undeserved bills forced on taxpayers by government union thugs is coming due, many cities around the country have laid off workers and put a freeze on more hiring. Obama is upset at this.

If those layoffs had not happened, if public sector employees grew like they did in the past two recessions, the unemployment rate would be 6.5 instead of 7.5. Our economy would be much better off, and the deficit would still be going down because we would be getting more tax revenue.

He went on to whine about the sequester, again.

Instead of using a scalpel to get rid of programs we don’t need and keep vital investments that we do, the same group has kept in place this meat cleaver called the sequester that is just slashing all kinds of investments in education and research and our military. Yet all the things that are needed to make this country a magnet for good middle class jobs, those things are being cut. These moves don’t just hurt our economy in the long term. They hurt our middle class right now.

Sorry, but government workers don’t create a “middle class.” Government workers of all stripes are not an economic boon but are little else but parasites on the economy. They live off of the economy they don’t live within the economy. Government workers drain an economy they don’t improve or expand it.

Below is part one of the speech as uploaded by a Youtuber who was at the speech. I chose it because it is unfiltered by the Old Media establishment…

You can see part two and part three on Youtube.

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