#BENGHAZI: Survivor David Ubben Speaks

Hidden Survivors?

A question that has recently become increasingly louder: Where are the Benghazi survivors?  Frank Wolf has been asking this question very loudly lately himself. In fact, Wolf has a long list of questions – most of which still remain unanswered. Via Washington Free Beacon:

Wolf has even gone after Congress for failing to hold open hearings about the attacks to force the survivors to testify.

“I am increasingly concerned that we will not learn the answers to any of the questions I have raised over the past week before the one-year anniversary of the attack, if ever,” Wolf said on Tuesday, when he took to the House floor to raise additional questions about the attack.

Some Benghazi survivors, such as federal employees and contractors, have been asked by the State Department to sign non-disclosure agreements, effectively ordering their silence about the incident. 

“Let the [House] committees find out who signed the non-disclosure agreement and subpoena them,” Wolf told the Free Beacon.

The State Department informed Wolf earlier this week that it “does not prevent State Department employees who want to tell their stories about the Benghazi attacks from doing so.”

That prompted Wolf on Wednesday to request that Secretary of State John Kerry reveal “the names and contact information for the five State Department survivors so that I can ask to hear their stories directly.”

Questions also remain unanswered about the Libyan security personnel who were supposed to be guarding the U.S. compound.

“Who are they? Who trained them?” Wolf asked. “Did they open up the gate and allow the attackers to come in?”


Located Hero

An answer just showed up to the loud question over  where are the survivors and it happened almost as magically as Colonel Bristol appeared.

Meet David Ubben, Hero.

Ten months of stonewalling later, a survivor of Benghazi has finally been spoken to.
A survivor of the attack on Benghazi has been located and spoke with FOX news. David Ubben risked his own life to save others, including recovering the body of Sean Smith and assisting Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods on the roof of the annex that night. Ubben is still recovering from injuries sustained that night at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Video Via ACT for America:


More from FOX:

One of the most severely wounded survivors of the Benghazi terror attack, Diplomatic Security agent David Ubben, risked his life to help save his fellow Americans, and is still being treated at Walter Reed medical center to this day, Fox News has learned.

Fox News is the first news organization to make direct contact with Ubben — who has had multiple surgeries at Walter Reed to save his right leg, which was badly wounded in the Sept. 11 attack.

Fox News has also learned new details about Ubben’s heroic actions on the night of the attack, including fighting alongside the former Navy SEALs who were later killed.

The Diplomatic Security agent, earlier in the night, helped recover the body of Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, going back into the smoke and flames at the Benghazi consulate multiple times until he found Smith, whom he believed to be already dead from smoke inhalation.


Sources tell Fox News that during the second wave of the attack, Ubben was on the roof of the CIA annex — along with former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty — defending the compound. It was a harrowing scene as dozens of militants attempted to swarm the barriers.

In another sign the attacks were pre-meditated, three mortar rounds rained down on the compound. The first fell short of the annex, about 50 yards away, but the subsequent mortar rounds were direct hits.

Both Woods and Doherty were killed, with the mortar shredding Ubben’s right leg.

Congress has decided to schedule more hearings for this Fall. Hopefully, more survivors, like Ubben, will be located so that they can tell their story.

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