Murphy was an optimist

One of my favorite people, H.L. Mencken, came to mind when I got my newsletter from Scott Rasmussen this morning. He said,

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

Here’s the body of the email…


Rasmussin Stupidity


Let’s quickly deconstruct his results, and I’m not questioning the results, just the mindset of the people who he polled.

25% Favor Federal Bailouts for Ailing Cities Like Detroit

Detroit has an $18B hole. That’s why they filed for bankruptcy. If that’s not a deep enough hole, toss in Flint, MI who may well be next city to file. Or the State of Illinois. Or any one of a couple of dozen cities that have been run into the ground by the progressive affirmative action crew. Cities and states are currently running, depending on whose numbers you like, a pension/healthcare deficit of about $3T (yes, that’s trillion).

So the operative question would be, just where is the money going to come from? Rich people? Or is Ben Bernanke just going to print it, heck, he’s printing up about a trillion a year to keep the Bull Market roaring, what’s another three or four?

The thing these idiots are ignoring – along with the idiots on the Detroit city council – is that there is currently no reason for Detroit to continue to exist as a city. Almost 80,000 abandoned buildings, one-third of the city is vacant, 911 response time is an hour, only one-third of property owners pay taxes, etc. The $18B hole, frankly, is the least of Detroit’s problems.

17% Say U.S. Public Schools Provide World-Class Education

These people don’t have kids, don’t deal with the products of US public schools or are members of a teachers union. The US spends more money on K-12 education per student that anybody in the world. We are generally at the bottom of the heap when it comes to student achievement in math, science and reading. Our students likely have a better impression of themselves than any other country, but there’s no reason they should.

Quick facts about our “world class” public schools – in Detroit and Chicago (and most other cities) high school graduates read at about 6th grade level. In New York City 80% of high school graduates require remedial reading and math to get into community college.

33% Rate Obama Administration’s Response to Zimmerman Verdict As Good or Excellent

One third of the people think that race baiting before, during and after a local trial is “good”? They’re too dumb to understand that he’s using the trial to get the IRS, NSA, Benghazi, jobs (or lack thereof), and a crappy economy off the front pages? Obviously they got a world class education.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: 50% Approve of Obama’s Job Performance

OK, I’m pretty much speechless.

These people would have been ecstatic with Caligula’s bread and circuses. I think it’s time the productive sector of US society stopped feeding these idiots.

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