Notorious, Hate-filled Anti-Semite Helen Thomas Dead at 92

No one celebrates at another’s death, but upon some passings it is well and proper to note the evils they perpetrated during their lives and the passing of Helen Thomas presents us with an opportunity to reflect upon the hateful, disgusting, perverted life this woman led. It is instructive to note upon her passing that she presents a great negative example of how a human being should live a life.

Many on the extreme left (by that we mean all “journalists”) today are celebrating Helen Thomas’ life. Granted she achieved quite a lot for a woman in the 50s and 60s becoming a prolific White House journalist. It was quite a feat to break into that “man’s world” of the day.

But succeeding in one area does not erase the hate she evinced during that rise. She was always, always a reliable hater of the Joooos, for sure. She was also a reflexive, unfair, and unthinking hater of everything right of the Stalinist left and used her high perch in the world of journalism to attack every Republican she could.

Naturally her pals in the Old Media establishment are using the mild descriptive “controversial” to describe this odious woman, but let’s just run down some of Thomas’ greatest hits, shall we?

Helen Thomas was such a hatemongering ignoramus that she made my number one spot in the Ton Ten Most Left-Biased Journalists.

In that piece I reported some of Thomas’ past calumnies. For instance:

  • In 1988, Thomas said that Reagan fostered an “uncaring society”
  • In 1993, Thomas claimed she felt Reagan wasn’t a “nice” man and that he “lacked soul”
  • Also in 1993, Thomas said that Jimmy Carter had “proven to be our best past President”
  • Of the Kennedy era Thomas insisted that when she thought of those days she felt it was about “mostly hope”
  • In 1999 Thomas posited that a vote that didn’t go Clinton’s way was because of a “personal vendetta against” the Clintons

I have many, many more example there.

Back in 2007 she said that you bloggers are “dangerous” because you dare to have an opinion that opposes hers.

In 2009 Thomas fully admitted her bias by saying that all “reporters” should be liberals.

In 2010 Thomas regurgitated some of her hatred for the Jews by wishing that all Jews would go back to Hitler’s Germany.

By the end of her career she turned into such a scummy hater that an award named after Thomas had to be canceled. In December of 2010 the “Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity Award” was dumped over her anti-Jew, pro-terrorism comments.

The fact is, no one should miss this woman. She has left a black mark on the entire field of journalism that lasted decades.

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