Snippets of stuff that really piss me off.

FEMAFrom an article on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy…

Art Lighthall lives in Breezy Point, Queens, where more than 350 homes were destroyed during sandy.

“People are trying to rebuild these homes,” he said. “They need the assistance cause in many cases they did not get the support through FEMA and in many cases they had no insurance or their insurance proceeds were small or they are fighting with insurance companies.”

The article happens to be about non-profits that apparently are holding onto cash that was donated to help the hurricane Sandy victims but I find in interesting and infuriating that the little note about FEMA failing at their job gets slipped in with no commentary. Where is the New York Times? Remember the hell fire they rained on GWB for FEMA not immediately rescuing everybody in New Orleans? Or the Washington Post? Or Congress? Heck, where’s President Obama’s best buddy in the region Chris Christy?

Oh yeah. Bush was a Republican. Obama’s a well, he’s not a Republican.

Benghazi FuneralsRemember Benghazi? That’s OK, darn near nobody else does either.

Not that you’d know about this by following the news feeds from any major media outlet, but a couple of things popped up today.

Remember the survivors? No reason you should, nobody’s ever seen ‘em. Well, it turns out that the US Department of State has seen ‘em and apparently they’ve been working with them. Sort of. Actually, what State has been doing is coercing them into signing “non-disclosure” agreements related to the attack on Benghazi. Huh?

Why the hell would State do that? What could the survivors possibly know that would require an ex post facto non-disclosure agreement? I’ve signed several over the course of my life and I know lots of people in a wide swath of career paths who’ve sign one. I’ve never heard of signing a non-disclosure after the fact.

This stinks to high heaven.

Piling on that one, there was a Marine Colonel who Congress wanted to chat with about whether anybody stopped special forces from intervening in the attack. The Pentagon – run by that rascally Republican Chuck Hagel – said they didn’t know where he was and couldn’t give out any info about him because he was “retired”.

Well, it turns out that he’s still on active duty through the end of July. Gosh. I wonder what he knows?

Here’s the snip from Weekly Standard on this mess with comments from VA Congressman Frank Wolf (R).

“According to trusted sources that have contacted my office, many if not all of the survivors of the Benghazi attacks along with others at the Department of Defense, the CIA have been asked or directed to sign additional non-disclosure agreements about their involvement in the Benghazi attacks. Some of these new NDAs, as they call them, I have been told were signed as recently as this summer.”

Wolf continued: “It is worth noting that the Marine Corps Times yesterday reported that the Marine colonel whose task force was responsible for special operations in northern and western Africa at the time of the attack is still on active duty despite claims that he retired. And therefore could not be forced to testify before Congress.

“If these reports are accurate, [they] also raise serious concerns about the priority of the administration’s efforts to silence those with knowledge of the Benghazi attack in response.

I wonder why they’d do that?

I can’t wait to get home so I can watch the nightly news and see what’s up on both of these issues. Or maybe I’ll do something productive.

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