Hey Senator Durbin. Stuff this!

Recently, Dick Durban, the senior US Senator from the bankrupt state of Illinois, suggested that the government needed to define who was a “journalist”.  You just can’t have people dressed in pjs hanging around their living rooms with no editors or fact checkers putting out stuff that they call “news”.

If you let the unwashed masses start being “journalist wannabes” Lord only knows the kind of stuff that could be published and confuse the trailer trash that reads thingys like “blogs”, whatever they are.  And I’m sure Senator Durbin doesn’t know what they are, HE wouldn’t read one.  He’s erudite, informed and sophisticated.  HE likely would get his news from a real news source, like maybe KTVU television in San Francisco.

KTVU is a real television station with a real news department that has real journalists working in it.  They have news directors and news readers anchors.  They have fact checkers.

So, without further ado, let’s cut to KTVU’s report on the pilots of the Korean Asiana flight that crashed in San Francisco last week.

If you missed it, here’s a screen shot.

KTVU Screenshot

Hey Senator Dick!  You’re a erudite, informed and sophisticated Dick.

By the way the names were apparently furnished to KTVU by the National Transportation Safety Board, an agency of the Federal Government.

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