The War Now Moves to the House.

The Senate will pass S744, if they haven’t already, the battle now moves to the House.

It appears that S744 is DOA in the House, Speaker Boehner has said that he will not move it to the floor and that the House will develop its own immigration legislation. We’ll see, Boehner has crumbled on these kinds of promises in the past.

Illegal ImmigrantsI’ve written at length about the problems with this Senate bill, you can find the archives here. Today, I just want to point out information that’s come out about S744 in the last couple of days with the addition of the Corker-Hoeven Amendment which is supposed to enhance the Border Security portion of the bill. It doesn’t.

Here’s what the troops on the front line have to say about the security included in this legislation:

In a joint statement on Wednesday evening, USCIS National Council president Kenneth Palinkas and ICE National Council president Chris Crane said the bill, if it ever became law, would be putting politics over public safety.

“ICE officers and USCIS adjudications officers have pleaded with lawmakers not to adopt this bill, but to work with us on real, effective reforms for the American people,” Crane and Palinkas said in their statement.

“The Schumer-Rubio-Corker-Hoeven proposal will make Americans less safe and it will ensure more illegal immigration—especially visa overstays—in the future. It provides legalization for thousands of dangerous criminals while making it more difficult for our officers to identity public safety and national security threats,” they explained.

“The legislation was guided from the beginning by anti-enforcement special interests and, should it become law, will have the desired effect of these groups: blocking immigration enforcement…”

Let’s remember that the terrorists who flew into the World Trade Center were in the country on visas that they had overstayed.

Adding insult to injury is this little gem

A provision in the “Gang of Eight” bill would amount to a 2.5-year-long law enforcement holiday, during which time law enforcement will be forced to suspend deportation efforts against criminal illegal aliens and allow them to apply for legalization.

What that means is that while illegal immigrants “come out of the shadows,” as Gang of Eight members like to say, and fill out their applications for legalization or amnesty, enforcement of America’s interior immigration laws will be suspended completely. Essentially, the bill’s provisions create a few-year-long period of suspended immigration enforcement immigration while illegal aliens apply for legalization.

Hell of a job Marco. Hell of a job McCain. Hell of a job Flake. Hell of a job Graham. Hell of a job Corker. We won’t be forgetting this one.

Let me not mince any words about this Senate bill. The Republicans who’ve been pushing this legislation have been lying about it from day one. They promised that the bill would have full hearings before the committee, that never happened. There were two days of very abbreviated testimony about the bill before it was rammed through committee.

They promised that it would not be an “amnesty” bill. They lied and to this day they are lying about this feature. The legalization process starts on day one, six months before any security measures (all of which were included in the 1986 immigration bill and in legislation passed in 2006). In fact, the Department of Homeland Security as sole discretion on what security measures are needed and the Secretary of DHS, Janet Napolitano has already declared that the border is secure. She made that declaration even though her own staffers testified that they couldn’t even define the term “secure” let alone achieve it.

That’s water over the bridge for this legislation, but I want to encourage you to remember that Rubio & Company and Corker are abject, bald-faced liars.

On to the House.

Here’s the bottom line:

The timing of when to grant legal status to the nation’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants has emerged as the key point of dispute between the House and the Senate, which is poised to approve its immigration bill as soon as Thursday.

Differences over the issue could keep the House and Senate from reaching a deal and prevent President Obama from fulfilling the top priority of his second term despite the momentum gained from a successful Senate vote.

Republicans in the House say the border security amendment added to the Senate bill Wednesday to bolster GOP support in both chambers improves the legislation — but not enough to gain their support.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) again assured House Republicans in a private meeting Wednesday that the House would not simply take up and pass the Senate bill, leaving prospects for immigration reform reaching Obama’s desk unclear.

Conservatives said the border security amendment does not address what they see as the Senate bill’s fatal flaw: It grants the nation’s illegal immigrants provisional legal status before border security and enforcement enhancements are implemented.

What can you do? Well for starters use the “Share” button at top of this article to forward a link of this series to everybody you know and follow up with them encouraging them to take action.

Call your House Member and tell them to demand that border security is in place and verified before any “path to legalization” begins.

Ask your friends and family to make a call as well. We’ve made it easy for you, click below and you can get your representative’s numbers and you can send them a fax letting them know that you want Security First!

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Our Nation is hanging in the balance and we’re running out of time.

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