Senator Corker: 11 Million ‘Citizens’ Are ‘in the Shadows’ Today

During further debate of the Senate’s immigration bill on the floor of the Senate in the late afternoon of June 25, Tennessee’s Republican Senator, Bob Corker, claimed that 11 million “citizens” are “in the shadows today” and proclaimed himself “thrilled” to vote for the amnesty bill under discussion.

The Senator is a big supporter of the current amnesty bill and spoke in its favor saying, “We have the opportunity to immediately affect, in a positive way, 11 million citizens who are in the shadows today–in many ways already a part of our society–and can come out and be even more productive for the United States of America. I am thrilled to have that opportunity…”

According to this statement, in Corker’s estimation the 11 million illegal immigrants being talked about in the current debate in the Senate are already “citizens.”

Senator Corker has also been critical of conservative news coverage of the immigration debate saying that reports have been misleading.

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