Teachers Unions Do NOT Care About Kids

Teacher’s unions are antithetical to a good education for our children and a teacher in Andover, Massachusetts is yet another horrendous example of how teachers unions are interested only in unionism and not education.

A teacher from Andover High School was fired from her teaching job in September of 2012 because of an email she sent during a union action. The email proved that the children were absolutely unimportant to this “teacher.”

The email was sent three weeks before a teacher’s contract was ratified and was sent to other teachers and union members. In the email, teacher Jennifer Meagher thought she had an excellent idea on how to hurry along the contract talks.

She told her fellow unionistas that harming the school is, “the only leverage we have left at the bargaining table. We can assure the (School Committee) and (McGrath) that reports will be passed and (reaccreditation) will continue if there is a contract signed this summer that maintains a 5-class load at AHS.”

What does that mean? It means that this “teacher” would rather hurt the school in order to get her union wants, that she’d rather see the school discredited and the kid’s education made less just so her unionistas would be happy. She was holding the kid’s education hostage for more money. Period.

As EAG news explains it,

Meagher’s suggestion was absolutely appalling and unacceptable, especially coming from a so-called educator.

Here’s why: A school’s accreditation is essentially a seal of approval that tells prospective employers and college admissions officers that graduates from the district received a quality education.

If students graduate from an unaccredited school – as Meagher was willing to let happen – their academic qualifications could be called into question as they seek entrance into competitive colleges and universities. Students could find themselves being subjected to more scrutiny than their fellow applicants, and risk being passed over.

In short, Meagher was willing to jeopardize her students’ academic futures for her union’s gain.

It was a good thing that the school fired this arrogant, selfish “teacher.”

But what this also shows is that unions are interested solely in unions. And teachers unions are no different. But what makes teachers unions far worse is the fact that they are playing our children’s education. And that education is in last place as far as unions as concerned.

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