U.S. News Lumps LaRouchie in With Tea Partiers at IRS Rally

Lyndon LaRouche and his followers have never been welcomed into the Tea Party movement but his followers shadow nearly every Washington-based protest that occurs, whether left, center, or right. But in its coverage of Wednesday’s D.C.-based IRS rallies, U.S. News featured a follower of LaRouche as if he were a legitimate part of the Tea Party protest.

In its report on the Tea Party rallies, U.S. News noted that the protests “soon became about a lot more than the IRS” as speakers and protest signs began speaking to a list of complaints. But the first person U.S. News went to for a quote was one Mike Reeves, a follower of Lyndon LaRouche.

“Auditing the IRS is not enough,” protester Mike Reeves, a self-proclaimed follower of controversial political activist Lyndon LaRouche, told Whispers while holding an “Impeach Obama” sign. “The president has got to be removed like [President] Nixon was.”

But, U.S. News failed to inform readers that LaRouche followers have never been part of the Tea Party movement and lending a LaRouchie this platform is misleading. Any quote of a LaRouchie is simply not representative of conservatives, Republicans or the Tea Party movement.

LaRouche followers have been denounced by Tea Partiers many times since 2009.

During the early Tea Party events in 2008 and 2009, for instance, when so many Congressional townhall events became anti-Obamacare battle grounds and Tea Party protests sprang up across the country, the progressive media used images of posters of President Obama with a Hitler mustache seen at rallies in Washington D.C. to undermine the legitimacy of protesters. But those Hitler/Obama signs and posters were never used by Tea Partiers and conservatives. These posters were the hallmark of the socialist democrat Lyndon LaRouche PAC, the political organization connected to the often jailed activist Lyndon H. LaRouche.

For U.S. News to lump a LaRousche follower in with Tea Party protesters is simply illegitimate. The LaRousche movement has no connection to Tea Partiers.

LaRouche has run for President a least eight times, most of those as a Democrat. In 1988 he was convicted of mail fraud and tax code violations and served prison time until 1994 when he was released on parole.

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