One American Farm Bureau Federation Official’s Trouble With English

Everyone is talking about the bloated, money-wasting farm bill that failed to pass the House last week. But Dale Moore, one interested party, is all about the discussion being the “penultimate”… something or the other.

Moore is the executive director of public policy at the American Farm Bureau and one must hope he got to that exalted position because he knows farming because he certainly doesn’t seem to know anything about the English language.

In a report in the D.C.-based newspaper The Hill, Moore made to add his oh-so-important contribution to the discussion of the failed farm bill.

Moore was talking to the paper about whether or not the GOP can make another stab at passing the bill. Amusingly, the newspaper quoted this dunce verbatim:

“There’s the penultimate question, and candidly I’m not sure” of the answer, Moore said.

What? “Penultimate”?

Mr. Moore, do you even know what the word “penultimate” means? It means “second to last.” But here Moore uses it like it is the word “ultimate.”


Dale Moore is typical of the hapless know-nothings we have in D.C. But Mr. Moore’s ill educated attempt to sound important aside, this whole debate is proof of exactly what is wrong with the fetid swamp we call Washington DC.

A bill goes down in flames? The people stand against it? Votes are impossible to come by? No worries, just figure out how to “salvage” it and pass it anyway in a different form and when no one is watching. No bad idea ever dies in D.C. It just gets passed under a different name.

This monstrosity parading as a farm bill should not just be retooled. It should be thrown in the trash and not revisited.

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