I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

Exploding HeadThe Farm Bill, actually it’s the Food Stamp Bill, has been bouncing around the House for weeks. It’s not bouncing tonight, and the sound you might have heard this afternoon was that of liberals’ heads exploding.

The Farm Bill – all $940 billion of it – is dead. Let the finger pointing and the screeching and whining begin. Here’s what the Obama Press Office Politico had to say this afternoon.

For decades, the farm bill has been a beacon of bipartisanship in an increasingly rough-and-tumble chamber. The defeat of Thursday’s version was propelled by the adoption of Florida GOP Rep. Steve Southerland’s amendment to institute work requirements for recipients of food stamps. Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) spoke on behalf of the amendment, indicating his support.

Got that?

The nasty Republicans want to require Obama voters food stamp recipients to work in order to receive welfare. You can read the whole article if you’ve got the stomach for whining on both sides of the aisle. I recommend alcohol before, during and after reading.

I’m sure that the “powers” will make every attempt to get this turkey back on track, but we’ll see. Frankly, the fun part of all this is the “beacon of bipartisanship” drivel because it’s still that same beacon. The defeat was bipartisan, 62 Rs and 172 Ds voted to kill it. Certainly they had different reasons, but it’s dead nonetheless.

There’s much more to be happy about here than the death of the Food Stamp Bill and it’s farming amendment. Again, from the Politico article…

And it plainly reveals that a bipartisan rewrite of the nation’s complex and politically charged immigration laws are a pipe dream in the House, at least for now. Preventing a government shutdown and debt limit fight are not far behind. …

But passage of that amendment doomed the broader bill. Thursday’s episode illustrates in real time that Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) standard for passing immigration reform will be a massive challenge. Bipartisanship is a process fraught with pitfalls in the House, and leaders in both parties can’t rally their troops to follow them…

It certainly appears that the Gang of Eight, and damn you to Hell John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio, have worked with Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer to rig the process in the Senate to pass S744. I’ve noted over and over that S744 is nothing but an amnesty bill and any reference to “border security” is an illusion. The House vote is a clear shot across the bow on S744.

Boehner has said – not that his word really means much – that he’ll not present S744 in the House. He’s indicated that the House will work on a number of bills to address the immigration issue, and it appears now that “border security first” is back on the table.

The battle is not by any means won. Democrats can always count on a group of establishment Republicans to side with them on issues that flagrantly violate the US Constitution (McCain, for instance, has never met an amendment he liked) and expand the role of the federal government.

You can expect S744 to pass the Senate by a wide margin and it will pass with trumpeting about enhanced border security. That has been a lie from day one and it still it. Bob Corker is a pathetic sell out and his amendment – the “Schumer-Corker-Hoeven” amendment – is a nothingburger. The amnesty legislation that will pass the Senate puts “legalization” first and that should be a “no sale” for any American who cares about our sovereignty, which clearly Democrats to a person and the Gang do not.

I will be deconstructing S744 after it passes and we begin to see what’s actually in it and you’ll be able to start calling your Representative immediately. You should be setting aside time every day to make call, I’ll lay out the talking points for you.

The time to stand and take action is NOW. Your nation is depending on you. God knows she can’t depend on the likes of John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio.

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