Jihawg Ammo: Anti-Islam Pork Covered Ammunition

(And happy Father’s Day, everyone….)

You know the claim, right? Islamic terrorists don’t allow any sort of pork products to come near them. Well, one ammunition company is taking advantage of that religious tenet by making bullets dipped in pork-infused paint. They say that since radical Islamists don’t like pork, these bullets may deter terrorism.

The ammunition company, Jihawg Ammo, says that their goal is to turn the tables on the radicals.

“We at Jihawg Ammo hope you will stock up on Jihawg as a natural deterrent to the ever growing threat of radical Islam and Sharia Law. We, however, stress that the nullifying principle of our product is only effective if you are attacked by an Islamist in Jihad. Otherwise, our ammo functions just like any other ammunition so we obviously insist upon defensive use of our ammo only-not offensive.”

It is a nice, kitschy way to sell a product, of course, but the fact is Islam is quite a bit more flexible than that.

All it will take is some Imam or another to give dispensation to every Muslim hit by a Jihawg bullet and this whole “pork-infused paint” business will become null and void.

We’ve repeatedly seen Muslim leaders suspending any and all parts of their faith in favor of jihad. Nearly every supposedly firm Muslim religious belief has been pushed aside in favor of killing non-Muslims. Heck, they’ve been pushed aside in favor of killing other Muslims! So, if Jihawg thinks these bullets will be a deterrent to terrorism, they have another think coming.

The struggle is often more important than the principle. Don’t forget, historically Christian tenets were often pushed to the background in the same way in favor of the greater war–which ever war was going on at the time, anyway. History is replete with this sort of stuff.

In the meantime all this will do is inflame social strife as Muslims point to this as proof that it is the west that is the problem instead of looking inward to see why it is Islam that is a major part of the problem today.

Granted, this product is more evidence of the frustration and powerlessness that many westerners feel about the problems between their civilization and the Muslim ideology. Things like this are bound to happen just as they’ve happened in the past.

And they have happened in the past. The British often used the “pork” issue against Muslims in wars in the dim, dark past. Dead Muslims were sometimes buried with parts of pigs thrown in the graves. It didn’t really deter anything back then, either.

Anyway, it is all rather pointless and does more harm than good.

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