Sarah Palin Calls Bill Maher Out for Calling Son Trig a ‘Retard’

Sarah Palin is getting back on track as an outspoken commentator on the news and her first step back in the spotlight is to slam so-called comedian Bill Maher for calling her son, Trig, a “retard” in his “comedy” act.

Palin has recently re-signed as a Fox News commentator after having let her contract lapse in January of 2013, likely with an eye toward having a voice in the upcoming 2014 midterm election cycle.

But elections were far from her mind after she discovered that so-called comedian Bill Maher was going around calling her Down’s Syndrome child a “retard.”

Palin heard about Maher’s calumny from a piece in the Daily Caller by Ron Furtell titled, “Why I Heckled Bill Maher.”

Furtell had gone with friends to see Maher’s stand up routine in Las Vegas last week and took issue with the “comedy” Maher was dishing out.

Furtell noted that he has a special needs son and when Maher started calling Palin’s son, Trig, a “retard,” the writer couldn’t take it in silence. He heckled Maher and was dutifully ushered out the door by security.

After Furtell published his Daily Caller piece, Sarah Palin also had a thing or two to say about Maher’s nonsense.

Palin took to Twitter, as she is wont to do, and slammed Maher twice.

It is always interesting to note that these extremist liberals are always the first ones to chastise people for calling names until it is a conservative they want to attack. Then the name calling runs fast and thick.

That isn’t the first ime he’s attacked a special needs child. Here is another example of this creep’s “work”…

Will coward Maher respond? What do you think?

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