Boy Suspended Just for SAYING the Word Gun

Now we get to the height of idiocy with a school “no tolerance” policy with a boy who was suspended just for saying the word gun.

A 11-year-old boy from Northern Middle School in Owings, Maryland has told his mom and dad that he wants to be a Navy SEAL one day, but getting pout of grade school may be a problem for him if Northern authorities have anything to say about it. You see, the sixth-grader was suspended last December just because he used the word “gun” at school.

Todd Starnes reports that the boy’s father, Bruce Henkelman, found out that his son had been talking with other kids on the school bus when the incident happened.

“He said, ‘I wish I had a gun to protect everyone from the bad guys. He wanted to be the hero,” the father said of his son.

The boy’s father is himself a retired Navy veteran.

It gets worse.

After the boy was heard to utter these “dangerous” words, Northern Middle School Principal Darrel Prioleau interrogated the poor, confused boy…AND invited a deputy sheriff to sit in on the grilling. This treatment was handed out to the boy without his parent’s knowledge.

“The principal told me if you say the word gun in my school–you will face a ten day suspension,” the boy told his father.

Then, this upstanding principal handed down a ten-day suspension to the child. Yes, just for saying the word “gun.”

After the family complained to the punitive principal, he knocked down the suspension to one day but insisted that the condition for that would be that the family succumb to an intrusive four-page questionnaire about the boy’s home life and also they’d have to submit to police ransacking their home to see what they could find there.

Police even went to Henkelman’s home and demanded to comb through his house. At first the Navy Vet let the police in but then decided that he wanted them to leave. The sheriff tried to intimidate him into allowing the search.

Henkelman told the sheriff he’d better go get a warrant and the police left. When the Navy vet called the sheriff’s office he was told they would not be back.

Naturally, when the father complained about this anti-American treatment of his family the school clammed up and refused to talk to him further.

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