Who Dares Call it Terror?

In what is sure to become an iconic image, a London Muslim, hands stained with the blood of his victim lying in the street behind him, is calm as he explains murdering a soldier in cold blood. In short, it was for jihad.

CNN reported the man in the image said of himself and his accomplice:

“We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone,” said a meat-cleaver-wielding man with bloody hands, speaking in what seems to be a London accent.

“The only reasons we killed this man … is because Muslims are dying daily,” he added, in video aired by CNN affiliate ITN. “This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth.”

Other witnesses state, ”…they heard the two men shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they worked to dismember their victim.”

Despite inarguable testimony to the contrary, despite having seen this sort of thing before and despite both British Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May calling it a terrorist attack some remain skeptical.

London’s Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said,

“We understand concern about the motivation, and we will work tirelessly to uncover why this occurred and and who was responsible.”

Why this occurred and who was responsible are the two things most clear in the midst of this tragedy. The only “Why?” which needs to be asked is “Why won’t we come out and say what we really know? Why won’t we say that Islam is responsible for outrages like this daily, around the world and it’s getting worse, not better?” Why won’t we say that?

Closer to home we have the Ft. Hood murderer who screamed “Allah is great!” as he murdered 13 US soldiers and wounded 32 more in November of 2009. The military is calling it an act of workplace violence. As such, none of the victims are entitled to combat benefits while a slam dunk case against the Islamic terrorist languishes well into its third year and the terrorist collects his pay – $278,000 so far.

Also in 2009, a lone Muslim terrorist murdered a US soldier and wounded another in front of a US Army recruiting station in Little Rock, AR.

Despite law enforcement admitting the murderer acted,”…to protest the U.S. military and “what they had done to Muslims in the past,”” he was tried in a civilian court and prosecutors opted for a life sentence rather than the death penalty. They left the choice up to the victim’s families who showed the murderer more mercy than he showed their sons.

The 2011 LA Times story also notes several other, “…terrorism-related cases since the Sept. 11 attacks have been tried in federal courts, but none have resulted in a death sentence.”

In short, while Britain seems to be moving toward calling terrorism what is – terrorism – the US, starting with the President of the United States himself, refuses to acknowledge the obvious. Men and women, claiming authority from the teachings of Islam, are murdering our sons and daughters.

I am aware not every Muslim approves of the actions of these few. But that in no way absolves us from dealing with the reality that those murdering strangers in the streets around the world on a daily basis are doing it in the name of Allah.

At a minimum that makes it a holy war on everyone that is not Muslim. At its worst these are individual acts of terrorism with Islam squarely in the crosshairs as the motivation and inspiration.

Until US law enforcement, the US military and US citizens alike come to grips with this reality, we remain asleep and vulnerable. To date, not only have these groups not clearly named the enemy stalking them, they have gone out of their way to muddy the waters and divert attention from the real evil.

Instead of Islamic threats, the government, largely left leaning, has suggested that US military veterans, political conservatives and others hated by Progressives present a clear and present danger to Americans.

Not until these Quislings shed their craven political costumes for reality and take up the mantle of America’s protectors will we find a unified and effective strategy to deal with threats we face.

The only question is will we have enough time to deal with the problem effectively when – and if – they do.

When those charged with protecting our rights refuse to acknowledge who it is threatening them, it is difficult to muster up confidence. Time will tell.

Cross posted from Blue Collar Muse.

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