The Conservative Hispanic Society: IRS Targeted Us Too

The Conservative Hispanic Society has joined the growing list of conservative groups that feel that they, too, were targeted by the Internal Revenue Service in its recent campaign of harassment. In a statement, CHS is “expressing outrage” over what it feels is Obama’s “infiltration of every aspect of our government.”

In a statement the Conservative Hispanic Society, a group that represents “traditional Hispanic values,” expressed its outrage at the Obama administration’s targeting of conservative Hispanic groups.

CHS feels that they’ve been targeted for a slowed down approval process.

“In fact, we too may have been victims of the IRS. CHS applied for 501(c)(4) status back in 2010. We’ve not received word from the IRS yet on that application,” CHS says in its statement.

“It seems the Obama political machine has infiltrated every aspect of our government. Politics now dictates our response to terrorist attacks. And now the IRS is being used as a weapon to punish people our president has referred to as his ‘enemies’,” said Chris Salcedo, Executive Director of CHS

CHS President Steve Navarre also expressed his outrage saying, “Through the Constitution, our nation’s founding fathers tried to guard against elected leaders using the power of government to oppress the people. The type of government overreach displayed by the IRS brings to life our founder’s deepest fears.”

CHS reminds President Obama that he and those that serve under him that “we are a people with a government, not the other way around.”

“President Obama has lost the trust of the American people with the rash of scandals that his management style has brought upon our nation,” CHS said. “This latest abuse of power by the Obama administration will not go unanswered. ”

According to its website, “The Conservative Hispanic Society exists to preserve and protect traditional conservative Hispanic values through community involvement, advancement of Hispanic-owned businesses and promotion of conservative policy at the local, state and federal levels.”

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