Liberal Laughing that ‘Conservatives’ Were Targeted by Oklahoma Tornado Today

Lizz Winstead is a producer and co-creator of the Daily Show, the left-wing comedy show hosted by Jon Stewart on Comedy Network. After this destructive and tragic tornado whipped through Moore, Oklahoma today, she thought it was hilarious that “conservatives” were killed there.

In typical scumbag, liberal manner Lizz Winstead took to Twitter to say: “This tornado is in Oklahoma so clearly it has been ordered to only target.”

Oh, gosh. Isn’t that hilarious? People killed including dozens of school kids and she laughs that “conservatives” are dying. Nice. This idiot works on the extremist, left-wing Daily Show on Comedy Central. THIS is what you are subsidizing by watching that show, people.

Below is a screen shot in case she deletes her Tweet.


Just like I thought, Winstead deleted her tweet on the night of May 20. Good thing I took a screen shot.

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