Bloomberg Assembles Leftist Cartoonists to Attack Second Amendment

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is touting his newest effort to cancel the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment with a gathering of cartoons by 21 cartoonists who have taken a stand against our Constitutional right to self-protection.

As Bloomie has it, they are “the nation’s best loved cartoonists.” But what Bloomberg doesn’t mention is that this gathering isn’t just a bunch of cartoonists goaded to sudden action by current events, but is a list of artists many of whom are well known as left-wing activists. One is even a La Raza activist and is in favor of giving the southwestern US “back” to Mexico.

Far from just a handful of “beloved cartoonists” who found that recent events have proven that a new approach to the Second Amendment is warranted, these folks are long-time left-wingers that have attacked traditional American principals for decades.

The artists are gathered together under the rubric “Cartoonists Demand Action to End Gun Violence” as sponsored by Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

One of the more outrageous cartoons is Dan Piraro’s contribution. It is an image of Thomas Jefferson holding a modern copy of USA Today. The cartooned newspaper sports a headline that reads, “26 Dead in School Massacre.”

It is somewhat outrageous that Piraro would use the image of Thomas Jefferson as a tool to take away our Second Amendment rights. After all, this is the same Thomas Jefferson who once said, “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”

It is also the same Thomas Jefferson who wrote in his 1792 Report on Navigation of the Mississippi (ME 3:180), “It is a principle that the right to a thing gives a right to the means without which it could not be used, that is to say, that the means follow their end.”

In other words, we wouldn’t have a Second Amendment right without access to the guns to exercise that right.

Thomas Jefferson would be outraged by Piraro’s use of his image to destroy a right he supported.

Another cartoon, one by Steve Broadner, shows a lobbyist with his pockets stuffed with money on one end of a gun-shaped scale as a tiny baby teeters on the other. This one is obviously trying to convey that lobbyists (read the NRA) are the ones keeping confiscatory gun control off the books and doing so at the expense of children. But the fact is it was voters, not lobbyists that torpedoed the most recent anti-Second Amendment legislation that President Obama and his Democrats tried to force through Congress.

Broadner’s cartoon is simply a distortion of the facts. No matter how many cartoonists are flabbergasted by the facts, the bulk of America is not in favor of taking away our own Second Amendment rights.

Again, Bloomberg presents this list of artists as “the nation’s best loved cartoonists” as if they are all Charles Schultz or Dr. Seuss. But some of the artists on this list are political cartoonists in the first place, not creators of “beloved” cartoon characters.

Artists such as Ted Rall and Steve Brodner have made a living as left-leaning, one-panel political cartoonists–and in Rall’s case extremely so. Another, artist Garry Trudeau, creator of Doonsbury, has decades of left-wing activism under his belt. So, the fact that these men are against the Second Amendment and supporters of Nanny Bloomberg should not surprise anyone.

Further, one artist on the list, Lalo Alcaraz, has been controversial for being a supporter of La Raza, a group that says that the USA stole the southwest from Mexico and demands that the land be “repatriated” to Mexico. Alcaraz most recently made news attacking Mitt Romney and has made a career of anti-Americanism. That he also stands against the Second Amendment is just nothing unusual in light of his history.

Presenting this list of artists as some shocking or thought provoking list of sudden activists is like presenting a list of past presidents of Planned Parenthood as abortion supporters and acting as if that is somehow startling news.

The Artists

  • Ted Rall (Extremist, left-wing political cartoonist)
  • Garry Trudeau (Hardcore left-winger and creator of Comic strip Doonsbury)
  • Lalo Alcaraz (Mexican-centric comic La Cucaracha and big pusher of La Raza and “reclaiming” America for Mexico)
  • Steve Brodner (Left-wing political cartoonist and caricaturist)
  • Peter Kuper (Left-wing artist and political illustrator)
  • Mike Luckovich (Left-wing political cartoonist)
  • David Mazzucchelli (Superhero comic book writer/artist in an industry that ism increasingly left-wing)
  • Mike Peters (Comic strip Mother Goose and Grimm– well known as a liberal)
  • Dan Piraro (Left-wing political cartoonist)
  • Jim Borgman (Comic strip Zits and left-wing political cartoonist)
  • Art Spiegelman (Creator of Maus, well known critic of USA)
  • Tom Tomorrow (aka Dan Perkins– Comic strip This Modern World, works for Mother Jones and writes at Daily Kos)
  • Lincoln Peirce (strip Big Nate)
  • Jeff Keane (Inherited strip The Family Circus from his Dad)
  • Rick Kirkman (Comic strip Baby Blues)
  • Stephan Pastis (Comic strip Pearls Before Swine)
  • Dave Roman (Webcomics artist)
  • Raina Telgemeier (Female cartoonist and kid’s books writer– married to comic artist Dave Roman)
  • Jerry Scott (Comic strips Baby Blues and Zits)
  • Mo Willems (Kid’s books illustrator)
  • Bill Amend (Comic strip FoxTrot)
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