Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was another smashing success. There were way too many excellent captions to honor, so go read the rest of the entries. The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:

President Barack Obama talks with former Presidents George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and former First Lady Barbara Bush at the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas, April 25, 2013. First Lady Michelle Obama talks with an unidentified person in the background. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Here are the winning entries:

1) (Rodney Dill) – “The Father, Son, and Wholly Gross.

2) (fustian24) – “With democrats that close, Bush instinctively reaches into his pocket to check that his wallet is still there.

3) (Joe_Miller) – “Ronald Reagan is so glad to be dead right now.

4) (john1v6) – “Even Carter is laughing behind Obama’s back.

5) (Paul Hooson) – “All of the living presidents from right to left, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Omama, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush and George Washington….

6) (Sky__Captain) – “The Bushes meet the Three Stooges…

The Readers Choice Award this week goes to:

(herddog505) – “And the funny thing is, I’ve done EVERYTHING I accused you of doing, but I get a free pass!” Barry chortled. Behind him, Jimmuh thought, “Thank God and Georgia Peaches! I don’t have to go to my grave as the worst president in modern American history!

That’s all for this weekend. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

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