The Chicago Way… Again.

The apple never seems to drop far from the tree.

I am writing this with a twinge of sadness only because it is such an indictment on our society.  The United States of America once stood proudly as a light to a darkened world.  It was a place of individual liberty where people were measured by their accomplishments and by the content of their character.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing that America has been forced into a reeducation camp by the political left and by their fellow travelers.  Today’s Chicago Tribune story is simply more documentation of that fact.  The fact is, to a large segment of the nation, character no longer matters and accomplishment is measured in strictly “what I got” terms.

WrightWrongPerhaps no place paints a clearer picture of this, at least this week, than Chicago, and remember, all parties are of course innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright — the controversial former pastor to President Barack Obama — was indicted today in an expanding federal probe of a state grant tied to a former suburban police chief.

Jeri Wright of Hazel Crest is accused of helping former Country Club Hills Police Chief Regina Evans convert fake paychecks from Evans’ nonprofit to Evans’ personal use, allegedly hiding money that was supposed to be used to train minority and female workers in the building trades.

Here’s the problem.  Segments of our society continually look up to people as role models who are not just thieves and liars but are stealing from the very people they insist they are “helping.”  If that’s not outrageous enough, the folks the thieves are stealing from will almost always rally ‘round them like moths drawn to fire. In other words, even when found guilty in a court of law, they are exonerated in the court of public opinion – at least in the neighborhoods beset by community organizers.

The EvansEvans and Wright aren’t the worst offenders, just the latest.  I would put the whole Jackson family (both of them) and Al Sharpton way ahead of Jeri and Regina.  But they’re what we have to work with today.

The charges emerge about a year after Evans was charged with fraud in relation to a $1.25 million job training grant awarded to her nonprofit, We Are Our Brothers Keeper.

Evans and her husband are accused of siphoning money from the grant to pay friends and relatives and cover the mortgage on their landmark New Regal Theater on Chicago’s South Side …

Jeri Wright, 47, faces two counts of money laundering, two counts of making false statements to officers and seven counts of giving false grand jury testimony.

I can’t wait for the charges of “racism” to surface, and we know they will.  I also expect to hear that Wright is being charged because of her father’s association with Barack Obama.

If the dynamic duo actually do any prison time, I’m looking for a non-profit organization headed by them and Jesse Jr. to “help” unfortunates in Chicago.  With government grants of course.

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