Keenan Glover Gives Worst Job Interview Answer EVAH

Keenan Glover might have just killed his job prospects after graduation from pricy Howard University.

Would you hire this guy after this question?

Forget for a moment his entitlement mentality. (BTW if you wanted living proof Democrats want to enslave black people to government, you can get no better example but forget that for a moment)

Does this guy NOT KNOW that any future employer will google him and find this? Does he -really- not know this is his first job interview answer for the rest of his life?

He’s meeting a U.S. Senator and all he could find to wear was an undershirt? (Why not just wear a wife beater and get it over with?) And all he wants is free stuff from the government. (like everyone his age)

I ask again, would you hire Keenan Glover? — I’ve interviewed over 100 people for various positions and this guy wouldn’t make it into the first round much less through it.

Keenan, if you ever read this, and in the age of google, I assume you will, lemme talk to you like an old white guy for a moment… ‘Respect’ is a big thing today’s youth especially in today’s black youth.


Is the best you can do in life is look for a hand-out? Really? Is that the sum total of your dreams, hopes and aspirations? Dude, when I was your age, I dreamed of being a millionaire by the time I was 25… I dreamed of hiring people, creating jobs and being a leader in the community… I dreamed of inventing new things that solving problems for millions of people… in short Keenan, I dreamed of success…

And you dream of a world where government takes care of you because you can’t take care of yourself?

And you want respect? Bitch Please.

But I’m old. I grew up in world where people took care of themselves, I grew up in a world where getting assistance from the government in a time of need was an embarrassment not badge of honor. I grew up in a world were we were taught to work hard for everything we had and bring as many people with you as possible down the road to success.

You grew up in a world being told what you couldn’t do. You grew up in a world being told to ask for everything. You grew up in a world expecting something for nothing. — So now you’re a grown man and YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR OWN ABILITY TO SUCCEED.

You can do better than that Keenan. The key to success is your own effort not some government handout. The key to your future is your brain, your back, your talents and your ability to bust your ass.

You say you want a life not measured by how many dead presidents in your pocket? I call Bull Shit Keenan Glover. You’re full of shit. Cuz all you’re doing is groveling before a member of government asking for Benjamins.

You want a more meaningful life? There are millions of opportunities for do both well and do good. In fact you do good just by doing well. (I don’t expect you to understand that at your age but I hope one day you will)

Keenan you can have anything you want in this life, if you ditch the entitlement mentality and rely on your own ability.

Words of wisdom from an old man that’s you’re free to ignore. I just figured since nobody else ever told you this, someone should.

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