It’s all about GUNS!!!!

Sure it is.

Let’s take a peek at the three recent headline generating shooting incidents see about that.

Gabby Giffords.

LoughnerCongresswoman Giffords was shot, and six people were killed, by Jared Loughner in 2011.  Democrats screamed about “guns” to no good result for them at the time.  But what about the shooter?  Could anyone have suspected he might be dangerous?

Loughner’s mother, Amy, described his run-ins with authorities, his use of marijuana and cocaine, his journals and his increasingly erratic behavior. She also says the parents took a shotgun away from Loughner after he was kicked out of a community college and tested him for drugs because his behavior was so strange.

Not only did they drug test him and toss him out of school, but the school ordered him to undergo a psychological evaluation.  He had numerous run-ins with campus police.  What did the school do?


Aurora Colorado.

HolmesJames Holmes, a former student, shot up a theater in Aurora Colorado killing 12 people.  The hype about guns ramped up again.  Bad guns.  Bad bad guns.  Ahhh, what about the shooter?  Could anyone have suspected HE might be a tad dangerous?

A psychiatrist who was treating James Holmes prior to his movie-theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado last July, warned police that Holmes had made ”homicidal statements” just one month before he killed 12 and injured 70 in a mass shooting…

Dr. Fenton also told police that Holmes had begun threatening her via text messages after he stopped seeing her for treatment. The police then alerted Aurora authorities about the threatening text messages shortly after the violent massacre on July 12, 2012.

AFTER the shooting.  Heck of a job by the police.  So, what did the authorities actually do?


I would take time out here and thank Dr. Fenton for at least trying.

And that brings to Newtown Connecticut.

LanzaAdam Lanza, just before Christmas, showed up at an elementary school in his hometown of Newtown Connecticut and murdered 20 kids and half a dozen adults.  Needless to say the anti-gun lobby jumped on the event like it was the circus come to town.  Democrats finally got some traction – for a little while – on gun control.

We need to ban scary looking rifles – last year more people were killed with hammers than all types of rifles – and those assault magazines too!  It’s for the children!!!

Well, sounding like a broken record, what about Adam Lanza?  Any chance anybody might have thought he had a problem or two?

The gunman who slaughtered 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school may have snapped because his mother was planning to commit him to a psychiatric facility…

Gee.  He was walking around why?

So, we’ve taken a quick look at three recent mass shootings.  They all involved the use of GUNS!  Although, only one involved a scary looking gun with one of those assault magazine thinys.  Still guns.

Oh, there is one other common denominator.  All of the shooters were raving nut cases..

The obvious conclusion has to be that it’s a GUN problem.  If you’re a totally irrational Democrat, incapable of rational thought.


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