New Gov’t Testing Proves Britain Has at LEAST 900,000 Liars

This story from Britain is hilarious on several levels. It really shows the worst of government waste, helps prove how pernicious government welfare programs are, not to mention that people can’t be trusted.

So, after the British government decided to institute a test to prove that disability applicants really have medical problems that would lead them to need the benefit, 900,000 Brits mysteriously stopped applying for their free government checks.

The new requirements force applicants to have actual, real, medical excuses to apply for the “sickness benefits” and went into force at the end of March. As soon as they had to actually prove they had real medical problems, some 900,000 Brits that were sponging off the system suddenly found they weren’t as sick as they thought… or pretended.

Obviously, these 900,000 creeps knew they were liars and knew they’d get caught at it with the new requirements. It shows how lazy people will allow themselves to become when others pay their way.

Of course, this also shows how pernicious government welfare is. It is a draw for people to become dependents instead of becoming productive, useful members of society.

This new requirement is apart of a raft of new regulations governing Britain’s overly generous welfare system. These reforms came at last after story upon story of welfare recipients living large off the system and making more on “free” government benefits than do most Brits who work for a living.

Unfortunately for the Brits, these reforms barely scratch the surface of the problems with their welfare culture. Sadly, no real cuts to their undeserved benefits is really being contemplated by the government. This particular savings was just a by product as opposed to a direct goal.

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