Quick Thoughts On Gay Marriage

I make it a point to watch the likes of MSNBC just to get an idea of where the enemy’s thoughts are.  It seems much of this past week’s coverage on both MSNBC and CNN was devoted to the issue of gay marriage and the Supreme Court.  These information outlets, with the support of their sycophantic fans and guests, like to present themselves as valid, neutral news organisations, proffering their definitions of facts, pretending to disguise editorial content as news.

I know..  What else is new..

This issue of gay marriage, currently and embarrassingly being heard before the Supreme Court of the United States, unabashedly puts this agenda-driven purpose on full display for all to witness.

At any given time, when reflecting on this issue, someone, whether invited to or from these stations, is demonizing those who do not agree with gay marriage. Maybe a group of protestors, religious organizations, politicians, a CEO of a fast-food chicken company:  Whatever it may be. They make it sound as if there is this overwhelming, all-consuming anti-gay tide, whose sole purpose is to keep drowning Adam and Steve from reaching the shore of living the American dream.

(Actually, the best thing that could happen to gays is for the U.S. economy to kick into high gear.)

Yet, who really focuses on the subject?  Who makes it the emotional issue that it has become?  Who paints this issue as some poor, misunderstood gay David against a mean, unrelenting ‘homophobic’ Goliath?

The left wing media does.

Listening to their ‘reporting’ of the issue, one cannot help but be struck by just how absolutely obsessed they are with homosexuals and the gay agenda.  To them, homosexual marriage and the lifestyle ought to be accepted as something normal, and anyone who has a difference of opinion is ‘outed’ as homophobic.

And the ‘homophobes,’ according to these propagandists, are ALWAYS ‘right-wingers,’ most especially Christian Republicans.

Since the election, so much of what has been said about the Republican party by liberal politicians and pundits (and many band-wagon Conservatives), has been how the party, if it wants to be relevant and have a chance at winning elections, needs to change their ‘message.’  That message, as per this discussion, revolves around the acceptance of homosexual marriage.

Of course, one’s religious beliefs be damned.

So, what is going to happen if that actually occurs?  What will happen if, regardless of a person’s religious or moral beliefs, legalization of gay marriage actually becomes law of the land?  What if  marriage equality is legally granted?  Will homosexuals and Democratic cheerleaders celebrate this?  Will it make them happy?  Will it finally nullify the personal beliefs of every Politian who, though they may not agree with it, have taken an oath to abide by and enforce the law?   Will Republicans, like Obama has, be accepted if their views on the subject ‘evolve?’   Will that change be recognized as sincere, or will it just be brushed aside as a political calculation, one that gets Republicans ‘off the hook’ per the subject.  Will ‘evolved’ republicans be welcomed as defenders of the laws of the country, or will they simply continue to be painted as homophobic neanderthals, reluctantly abiding the law?

The left already has an answer to these questions.  They are claiming that Republicans ‘secretly’ want the court to give its OK toward gay marriage.  In that sense, personal feelings toward it will not matter, and the issue will then be taken away from liberals, Democrats, and gays.  If gay marriage becomes the law, no-one has a choice but to adhere to it.  That’s a HUGE loss for liberals in the realm of politics.

My own thoughts about homosexuality aside, there’s just something unsettling about the fact that the rest of the world needs to bend and modify the etymology of a word which has been synonymous with the union between a man and woman since it’s inception.

However, if the court rules in favor of gay marriage, then that becomes a moot point.

It just seems to me that this is not a battle for us to fight.  If you really believe it is wrong, and goes against the word of God, then these people will have to answer for their actions, and they will be judged accordingly.  Judged by a power a hell of alot more benevolent than any of us.  I don’t think this issue is one which God need us to fight for him.

I’m pretty sure he is capable of doing that for himself, in his own way, at his own time.

So let the babies have their bottles on this one.   Just let them get hitched.

But shut up about it already.

I just don’t care.

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