Man Sells Autographed Jim Carrey Photo to Buy a Gun

**UPDATE**: Ebay yanks listing off the site. No explanation known.

An ebay user with user name astrobuzz is selling his autographed photo of Jim Carrey for a cause. As his auction title reads: “Selling a Jim Carrey Autographed 8X10 Photo So I Can Afford A Gun!”

In the auction description, Mr. Astrobuzz tells page visitors that he hopes to raise enough cash from selling the Carrey photo to buy a Glock G30S .45 ACP Pistol “to protect my family.”

I’m selling this Jim Carrey Autographed B&W 8X10 Photo (mint condition) in hopes that I sell it for enough to buy a GUN to protect my family.

I’m thinking of getting the Glock G30S .45 ACP Pistol which retails for $640 U.S. Hopefully I can get at least that much for the autographed photo. If it sells for more than I’ll get a laser sight for it and take some gun safety classes and get my “concealed carry” permit.

I lost all respect for Mr. Carrey after he released his “Cold Dead Hands” video mocking responsible gun owners and Charlton Heston.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment and my rights shall not be infringed! From MY cold dead hands Mr. Carrey!

For those unfamiliar with selling items on ebay, at the bottom of the page there is a section for the seller to post the questions about his auction sent him by other ebay users and Astrobuzz has used this section to post all the well wishes of fellow ebay users.

But in the Q&A section, Astrobuzz also told a more detailed story on why he wants a gun.

We had a break in last month while I was at work and my wife was sleeping. She woke up after hearing a noise and saw the guy standing in our bedroom doorway. He must not have known anyone was home because he bolted out of the house after seeing her and left behind a sack on our living room floor with some of our electronics in it. We live on one pay check and can’t afford a fire arm and after that experience and seeing the disrespect and ignorance of Jim Carrey I decided to sell the autographed photo his agency mailed me back in ’03 in hopes we could afford some protection.

Actor Carrey would leave this poor family defenseless in the face of home invaders.

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