Florida’s Thug Police Chief Eric Liff is Wrong About Everything

Former Cocoa, Florida police Chief Eric Liff is full of crapola when it comes to his wild-eyed beliefs about the National Rifle Association. Liff, however, is right about one thing: he shouldn’t be made to join the NRA against his will. Unfortunately for this grandstander, his point is moot because he isn’t in that position at all.

Liff is upset that the Seminole County Gun & Archery Association has a requirement for members. Before they can use the association’s facilities they must also become a member of the NRA.

Liff was fired as Cocoa’s police chief in the late 1990s and unsuccessfully attempted to sue the city to get his job back in 1999.

Liff is wringing his hands over this requirement. He thinks the gun range folks should not be allowed to force him to belong to a group he hates. He hates the NRA for one, but he also maintains that because the gun range leases County land for some of its facilities the group should be forced by law to end the NRA requirement.

That just might be a gray area, but regardless the gun range is a private entity. If the ol’ Chief doesn’t like the rules at the club, he can go to another range that doesn’t have that requirement.

Chief Liff, though, is braying even louder because he claims that going to another gun range is just so darn inconvenient for him.

Do you hear that, Seminole County? Chief Liff thinks your freedom to run your own private clubs the way you want to is just too darn inconvenient and he thinks he and his jackbooted gubbmint soldiers should have the right to wade in and tell you what to do.

Chief Liff is wrong. He’s wrong about everything.

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