All aboard the gay marriage express!

Gay marriage is sure popping up all over the place these days, isn’t it?  Not actual gay marriages as it were but the push to normalize gay marriage.  I guess it’s a very important issue.  America is just a cruel, heartless place until gays are permitted the same joy of acrimonious divorce proceedings and bitter custody battles over the teacup poodles.

I kid, I kid.  I’m rather ambivalent on the subject of gay marriage.  Not being a religious person I have no particular objections on those grounds.  I do cling to the antiquated notion that traditional American morality has a great deal of value in our culture, so it is troubling from that aspect.  On the other hand I am pretty libertarian and think people should be free to live their lives how they choose as long as it doesn’t affect others’ freedom.  Which is where gay marriage troubles me the most.

Inevitably, some gay couple will demand a church that does not condone gay marriage wed them.  When rebuffed they will sue and force the courts to decide whose rights trump whose.  We’ve seen it with Sandra Fluke and abortifacients and Lord knows gay rights crusaders hold traditional religious beliefs in just as much contempt as militant feminists.  Funny how not forcing one’s beliefs on others is a one way street that only goes left.

Even so, why is gay marriage such a hot topic for discussion and urgent matter to be addressed in America today?  Obviously its proponents have an interest in making it an issue and they have a like-minded media more than willing to advance the narrative and cause.  Gay marriage must be an important issue on most Americans’ minds.  (Click the poll graphs to see the full report for each one).

national problems

















No, gay marriage is apparently of so little importance to Americans it isn’t even included by pollsters in questionnaires.  Yet it is still advanced as a very important matter by folks in the media with the ability to shape and influence debate.  Gay marriage isn’t included in the list of national problems polled by Gallup, but they do poll on gay marriage as a stand-alone issue.  Polls specifically on gay marriage show its acceptance to currently be at an all-time high.

gay marriage

Among those who support gay marriage, it’s the utes (age 18-29) who support it by the widest margin – 73-26.  Mission accomplished for those who sought to normalize homosexuality.  Young people pretty much accept gay couples as no different than their breeding counterparts.  The gay marriage media blitz as a whole has been successful, having basically flipped public opinion on the matter over the past two years.

Now here’s something I found interesting.  Just how gay is America?  I’ve had a number in my head for years that I understood to be pretty accurate when it comes to the percentage of people in the country who are LGBT.  Well it turns out that number was pretty spot-on.  The fine folks at Gallup polled people on that as well.

percent gay

Pretty amazing.  Over half of people polled estimate 20% or more of their fellow Americans are gay or lesbian.  Twenty-plus percent is a huge chunk of the population.  No wonder public opinion on gay marriage has swung so far in favor over the past twenty five years.  This is a huge issue that impacts a large number of our friends and neighbors.  Once again it’s young people leading on opinion – 70% of people age 18-29 estimate the percentage of Americans who are gay or lesbian to be greater than twenty.

Only one percent of people age 18-29 and four percent of people overall estimated the percentage of gay Americans to be less than 5% – which is the actual number.

actual gay

How can there be such a huge disconnect between perception and reality?  How can 60% of the people (and 79% of the utes) believe there are more gays in America than there are blacks (roughly 13% of the population)?  It boggles the mind.

It’s almost as if there has been a concerted misinformation campaign when it comes to homosexuality and its prevalence in America.    A deliberate effort by the media/entertainment industry to create the perception that homosexuals are just as if not more common than blacks and Hispanics.  Which would even be a misrepresentation of the media/entertainment industry.  Unless you work at MSNBC or CNN, anyway.

Would accurate reporting on the real percentage of Americans who will be affected by government enforced gay marriage have any impact on acceptance of gay marriage?  Who knows.  But you can rest assured we’ll never find out.  Why would our enlightened opinion leaders in the media make any attempt to correct the perception they’ve worked so hard to create?

That’s not to say rights shouldn’t apply to a group of Americans just because they only comprise a very small percentage of the population.  Merely an observation.  I don’t believe gay marriage is a particularly pressing concern.  I believe that under certain circumstances gay couples should have the same legal protections and rights as traditionally married couples.  Is splitting hairs over whether it’s under a civil union or “marriage” really the issue we need the federal government tussling with right now?

But hey, no better time than the present to hop aboard the gay marriage express.  The economy is still in the crapper, Obamacare is poised to send health insurance and claims costs skyrocketing, and we’ve run up $100 trillion in debt and future obligations on the national credit card.  What better time to wade into the culture wars?

Or maybe that’s the whole point.  Who’s going to notice an economy in the crapper, a health care system vivisected by Obamacare, and the looming economic collapse when there’s a good, old-fashioned culture war to be fought.

What I really want to know is twenty years from now who will school children be learning were the Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr of the gay marriage movement?

All aboard!  C’mon France, I’m looking at you.

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