HuffPo promotes meaningless gun statistic

If you were to visit The Huffington Post right now, then you would see at the top of its home page an alleged statistic about gun-related deaths in the USA since the Newtown shooting.

There is one little problem with the statistic. By itself, it is meaningless.

The statistic doesn’t separate accidental deaths from intentional killings.

It doesn’t separate acts of self defense or acts in the line of duty from criminal acts.

It doesn’t separate deaths involving pistols from deaths involving rifles.

It say nothing about the amount of ammunition involved in the gun-related deaths.

It says nothing about the existing gun laws in the areas where gun-related deaths have occurred.

It does not compare the number of gun-related deaths in 2013 to the number of gun-related deaths in previous years.

The posting of such a meaningless statistic can have only one purpose: to try to frighten gullible people into believing that stricter gun laws are needed.

What is happening in Chicago demonstrates that stricter gun laws are not a panacea for gun-related deaths.

Also, when a person chooses to use a gun to commit a crime such as robbery or murder, that person is engaging in immoral behavior.  One could interpret an increase of gun-related deaths as being a sign of an increase in immorality. How often do liberal pundits talk about an increase in immorality?

Of course, it is far easier to post a meaningless statistic in a large font than it is to talk about moral decay.



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