As Calif. Drowns in Debt, Group Advocates For Free Healthcare for Illegals

Even as the state of California is drowning in debt and already suffering under an avalanche of unfunded mandates, a powerful healthcare advocacy group in the Golden State is pushing for free healthcare for all illegal aliens.

The group, The California Endowment, has launched a new program called “Health Happens Here” to push expanded healthcare. To highlight the issue, Cal. Endow. has debuted a new video titled, “Dreaming of Healthcare.”

The video features young, illegal immigrants pleading to be included in Obamacare as well as California’s healthcare system.

“I’m undocumented, but I dream that one day we will all be treated as one people, because we are one people,” the young people tell viewers. “Now, our country has spoken saying that everyone should have affordable healthcare.”

“I dream that one day, ‘everyone’ will include me,” they say.

This new burden would drive the state further into bankruptcy. California is already rated as one of the worst run states in the nation.

Having eight of the ten worst foreclosure areas in the nation, the state has lost over $2 trillion in homeowner equity–a number that exceeds its yearly income–has the 3rd worst unemployment rate in the country, and finds within its borders nearly 1/3 of the nation’s welfare recipients.

Cal. Endow. is billed as a “statewide health foundation that was created in 1996 as a result of Blue Cross of California’s creation of WellPoint Health Networks.” It claims for itself the goal of “expanding access to affordable, quality health care for underserved individuals and communities.”

On a webpage describing some of the goals of “Health Happens Here,” the group expresses an interest in a long list of policies typical of a penchant for central planning by environmentalists and social-democrats. The group claims to want to pursue control over “land use,” control of what people eat, control over schools and the workplace, and to institute “fitness” programs for both kids and adults.

Most importantly, The California Endowment intends to push Obamacare on Californians and seeks to “educate key audiences about the benefits of the federal Affordable Care Act and other avenues to preventive health and community wellness.”

The group also recently put out a Spanish language guide for citizens to become better informed on ways to take advantage of Obamacare.

In the past, Cal. Endow. has been an advocate of high soda taxes and once attacked cable TV network Nickelodeon for having advertisements for junk food.

California Endowment also has ties to President Obama’s controversial nomination of Thomas Perez for Secretary of Labor. Perez, who has been in the employ of anti-American billionaire George Soros, was a paid consultant of Cal. Endow.

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