Sarah Palin Drink Big Gulp at CPAC 2013

Governor Sarah Palin appeared this morning at CPAC 2013. This woman always, always draws a great and enthusiastic audience and this year was no exception.

Palin’s speech was filled with lots of Palin bromides about freedom, liberty and conservative, small government. She had many laugh lines, as always. One was when hubby Todd bought her a gun rack for her 4X4 and she had to buy a rifle to go in it for him. “He got the rifle,” Palin said, “and I got the rack.”

But it was what she did right exactly afterward that brought the house down. Palin reached under the podium and brought out a Big Gulp and began sipping from it.

This was, of course, a direct slap at New York’s “independent” mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The place simply erupted in applause.


Naturally, when she finished up, the crowd went wild. Whatever you think of Sarah Palin, she is a rock star among these folks.

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