CPAC–Rand Paul: Not a Penny to Countries That Burn U.S. Flag

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul didn’t disappoint on yesterday’s appearance at CPAC at one point in his speech saying of foreign aide, “I say not one penny more to countries that are burning our flag.”

When he kicked off his address he joked that he’d only been given 20 minutes to speak but had brought 13 hours of material. He went on to joke that because of his filibuster Obama might ant to “drone” him.

This set Paul up to discuss theObama’s drone program, the National Defense Authorization Act, and how it is borderline unlawful to use drones on American soil without the due process of law.

Paul also attacked the federal government over its incredible waste. He cited a robotic squirrel project and a study to look at how monkeys react to meth. “Does it really take $3 million to discover that monkeys, like humans, act crazy on meth,” Paul asked.

Senator Paul also said that he favors the decriminalization of drugs saying that few young people think the war on drugs is a good use of federal tax dollars.

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