Minn. News Ignores Facts: Muslims Attacked Christian Church Meeting

A Minnesota TV news story perpetrated a perfect example of one-sided “news” coverage especially where it concerns the politically correct treatment of two, innocent, doe-eyed Muslims who, gosh darn it, just want to be loved like you and me. Naturally, the TV station does not report the truth that the two Muslims they laud actually infiltrated a meeting at a Christian church in order to attack a guest and disparage Christians.

An Assembly of God Church in Perham, Minnesota, invited well-known critic of radical Islam, Walid Shoebat, to speak about the evils of radical Islam and two Muslim exchange students decided to attend to confront Mr. Shoebat on his “lies” about Islam.

ABC TV affiliate, WDAY Channel 6 News (in nearby Fargo, ND) reported the incident saying that these innocent young foreigners–here in America on a student foreign exchange program–attended the church merely to hear the speaker and when they asked an innocent question, why these innocent young innocents were cast bodily out of the church by the evil, evil, racist Christians just for daring to ask their innocent questions.

The TV newser even quoted the left-wing woman who has allowed these Muslim foreigners to live in her home as saying that she thought she was sending her charges to a place of “love” and instead all they got was “hate.”

Naturally, the TV station does not bother trying to get a statement from Walid Shoebat even as they take half the report to smear him a a merchant of lies.

Our pals over at RightScoop, however, decided to do some actual journalism stuff and contact Shoebat for his side of the story.

It turns out that what these oh-so-innocent Muslims kids really did was to launch into the Q&A period by attempting to read a long, pre-written diatribe against Christianity and in favor of Islam and then to contentiously accuse those there of being “liars.”

This was no innocent, simple, low-key Q&A period where these young men attended with the intentions of just participating in a straight-forward manner. They had a pre-planned diatribe and intended to disparage everyone in the meeting with taunts… just like Muslims do.

Naturally, their other goal was to use our own freedoms and system against us by claiming they are the innocent party when they had a sneak attack planned the while time. This is a pro-radical Islam stunt and the TV news in Minnesota fell right in line with the effort.

Go over to RightScoop to see the video of the TV report as well as the full text of Dr. Shoebat’s reply to this incident.

Finally, it cannot go without saying that if two Christian youths tried anything like this in these boy’s homelands, such Christian boys, along with their families, would be beheaded. Yeah. Islam is that wonderful.

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