CNN Mocks Rand Paul’s Filibuster, No Wonder CNN is Losing Credibility

During a long stretch of the day in the U.S. Senate, Kentucky’s junior Republican Senator, Rand Paul, led a filibuster to decry the Obama’s administration’s seeming disregard of due process, the rule of law, and American’s civil rights. This, apparently, is funny to CNN. Makes one wonder why CNN imagines itself a news station!

Obama’s administration has admitted that it sees nothing inherently wrong with using flying drones to kill Americans here in our own country. This is something that Senator Paul and millions of other Americans (on both sides of the aisle, by the way) think is wrong.

As Obama’s nomination for a new CIA chief came to the floor, Senator Paul launched an old fashioned, talking filibuster to block the nomination in order to get his point across that killing Americans without due process, without proper warrants and trials is simply wrong.

This was something that CNN’s Erin Burnett thought was worthy of mocking.

Here is what CNN’s viewers were treated to during Burnett’s show…

Is this what CNN thinks is news? Mocking the serious question of whether or not the U.S. should be allowing its chief executive to have the power to kill any American citizen he wants without trial or warrant? This is funny?

No wonder CNN has become such a joke.

**Screenshots courtesy of Cole Streeper of Misfit Politics. (See him on Twitter: @colestreeper)

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