The Blessing of the Second Amendment

A Texas family lives in safety thanks to the Second Amendment.

Here is an excerpt from a story reported by Fox News:

A 21-year-old Texas man is being credited with protecting his family when he retreated into his family’s bedroom, retrieved a gun and fatally shot one of three intruders who forcefully entered his home, reported.

Regarding the same incident, here is an excerpt from a report published by

. . . After the father was down, the suspects went after the mother. That is when the son ran and got his dad’s gun. He opened fire and hit one of the suspects, who died in the back bedroom. The other two suspects fled the scene. . .

. . . Deputies said they do not know why the suspects targeted this home.

“At this point, we don’t know what the motive is behind this home invasion, but they did force entry into the residence,” said Sgt. Greg Pinkins, Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Neighbors said the son was just doing what he had to do.

“People can’t go breaking into people’s homes and not expect some sort of consequence,” said Harry Moulder.

What say you now, gun-control zealots?

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