Nev. Dem. Arrested Again For Violence

A few weeks ago, Nevada Democratic Assemblyman Steven Brooks, 40, was arrested for threatening to kill the Nevada Speaker of the Assembly. This week he is behind bars again, this time charged with suspicion of domestic battery against a thus far unnamed family member.

Authorities reported that Brooks was arrested on February 11 outside his Las Vegas home after getting combative with police. Officials say that they had “determined Brooks had physically attacked a family member.” Further details have yet to be released on the incident.

This isn’t the first time Assemblyman Brooks mixed it up with police. At the end of January, Democrat Brooks was arrested for “threats of physical violence” lodged against Nevada Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, also a Democrat.

Brooks was released the day after he was arrested and called a press conference for later that day. Strangely, the lawmaker didn’t attend his own press conference. His attorney, Mitchell Posin, told reporters that Brooks had been hospitalized with “intestinal bleeding.”

By January 25, Brooks told members of the Nevada media that he was the one in danger, not Speaker Kirkpatrick, and that he had hired armed guards to keep him safe.

Brooks’ erratic behavior continued that same day when police were called to his home for another domestic disturbance. Brooks had, however, left the scene before police arrived. Police were told he had been taken to the hospital for medical evaluation.

Brooks has released no statement on his latest arrest.

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