Matthew Yglesias is a Special Kind of Stupid

After years of pushing liberal policies and denying the reality that they do not work, Matthew Yglesias comes face to face with liberalism and whines that regulations stifle new businesses. And then he gets moronic.

Starting a Business Is a Huge Pain

By |Posted Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, at 6:30 AM ET

Last week, having read my own writing about how it’s cheaper to buy a house than rent one in most markets, I decided to take my own advice. My wife and I bought a new place, and instead of selling our old condo, we’re going to rent it out. And thus I became a small-business man.

Don’t flatter yourself Yglesias. You’re not a businessman. Make payroll for a couple of years THEN you can call yourself a businessman. Skip paying yourself for a few months because you have 6 or 8 families depending on you for the very food they eat and they come first. Get a $10,000 bill from the local tax collector because they filled out some paperwork wrong and feel relived when you only have to pay $2,600 for their mistake, then you can call yourself a businessman.

Get a contract equal to nearly a year of your billing but have no way to fulfill it because you don’t have the capital available to you but the woman up the street gets a $30,000 grant to open a scrapbooking store -which closes in two months- THEN you can call yourself a businessman.

You’re not a businessman Yglesias, you’re a snot nosed punk who happens to own a piece of rental property. So does my 86 year old mother-in-law, she’s hardly an entrepreneur. And neither are you.

But I digress.

Did I mention he was a special kind of stupid?

The striking thing about all this isn’t so much that it was annoying—which it was—but that it had basically nothing to do with what the main purpose of landlord regulation should be—making sure I’m not luring tenants into some kind of unsafe situation.

Ya don’t say?

As a real businessman, not someone who just plays businessman on the internet, I find that last line so naive it’s almost unfathomable that an adult wrote it.  — Just wait until Yglesias learns that many regulations aren’t just irrelevant to their stated goal but they actually exacerbate the problem they are seeking to solve… he’ll surely come down with the vapors.

And yet tomorrow just as night follows day, Yglesias will write another story with a title like Regulation Breeds Innovation all the while completely blind to the irony and his own stupidity, even after it smacks him in the face.

And that my friends is a special kind of stupid.


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